Shirley Hills, MACON, GA

Shirley Hills Neighborhood Association

Augustus O. Bacon
United States Senator

Andrew Jackson
7th President of the U.S.
Politician & Army General

Developed in 1922 as a twentieth century planned residential subdivision, many lots
boast grand homes and beautiful landscapes.

Historically, Shirley Hills has been the home of many prominent businessmen and
community leaders in Macon. A majority of the land was the estate of A.O. Bacon,
Georgia legislator and United States Senator from 1894-1913.

The designers of this planned community focused on creating a radiant, picturesque
space with a park-like feeling. The year-round natural beauty of Jackson Springs Park
is a local favorite and attracts many visitors. The park is honorably named
after General Andrew Jackson of Tennessee, a charismatic hero of the War of
1812, who camped here with his fellow troops.

Established: 1921

Developed: 1922-current day

Acreage: Approximately 750


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